Hire experienced lawyers, dedicated to your business, for an amazingly affordable retainer.

Choose the level of fractional in-house legal services yourself so you only pay for what you need.

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What you need…

Your business needs consistent, experienced legal services to meet your interstate and international legal needs...
... With the personal touch and dedication that only in-house counsel can provide. You put your heart into your business, and so should your legal counsel.

What there was until now…

Costly, full-time general counsel services or traditional law firms with high hourly billing rates, and services that generally weren't dedicated and were unaware of your business and its needs.
Inside Outside Counsel is here to help.

The Solution

IOC will individually pair you, free of charge, with experienced attorneys. And you’ll be able to choose the level of fractional general counsel legal services you need on a monthly basis. Your “IO Counsel” will be dedicated to you and will never bill you on a strict hourly basis.
You are in control of the lawyering, and you build a package and relationship that’s right for you.

The Promise

Our expert team will work with you to ensure that your IO Counsel is the right fit for your company and that you are always satisfied with the quality and level of outsourced fractional general counsel services for your business. Our attorneys work with you remotely, so instead of paying for high overhead in gleaming high-cost law offices that you don’t need or want, you will only pay for the actual lawyering you need.


Experience, Predictability & Affordability

Take our 5-minute questionnaire to get paired with your IO Counsel:

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How does it work?

Pre-Screened, Dedicated Counsel

We select only experienced lawyers to join our elite IO Counsel Network. Then you get paired with an IO Counsel on an individual basis for an initial consultation. If you and your IO Counsel decide to work together, you can start a three-day risk-free trial right away. From there on, your IO Counsel will be devoted to your business, gaining inside knowledge of your company, and integrating as a team member. And you will only ever pay for the fractional in-house lawyering you need.

Consistent, Affordable, and Ethical billing

You can choose from monthly Retainer Packages that get you 10, 30, or 50 hours a month of your IO Counsel’s time. Alternatively, speak to one of our experts to build a custom package. As your legal needs change, you’ll always be able to change your Retainer Package accordingly.

Best of all, you’ll never be nickeled-and-dimed either. So if you use a bit more of your IO Counsel’s time in any given month, no problem, you’re good.

The Retainer Packages

OR, if one of the three packages listed above isn’t right for you then you can always build a custom package to meet your needs.

Legal Services for the Modern Business

We are a platform that matches you with experienced lawyers – and if the match isn’t great for you, it’s not great for us either. It’s time to reimagine and reinvent the expensive and inefficient way entrepreneurial companies get legal counsel – all from the comfort of your own workplace, in whatever office, or on whatever beach that may be for you.

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