Our History

InsideOutsideCounsel began as a project that grew organically from the values of integrity and good value for clients: An elite US and Israel Business and Technology attorney David Page wanted to make the highest-quality legal services available to every company.  Not as an outsider, but in a way that’s most useful to companies — as in-house legal counsel.  A resource rather than a burden.

InsideOutsideCounsel’s founder, David Page, is a US and Israeli lawyer who came to Israel from the largest Washington, DC law firm, Wilmer Hale (then Wilmer Cutler & Pickering), with over a thousand lawyers on staff.  Prior to that, he clerked on the Federal Court of Appeals as well as studying European and French law on fellowship in France.  He is a student of Barack Obama and Cass Sunstein from the University of Chicago as well as President Obama’s ideological opponents such as Judge Richard Posner, Alan O. Sykes, Richard Epstein.  In Israel, he served for more than half a decade as head of regulatory affairs and as in-house general counsel for an Israeli-American high tech, after which he became senior partner in a prominent Jerusalem law firm, Woolfson Weinstein & Co., before opening his own law office.  David speaks five languages fluently, including English, Hebrew, French, Spanish, and German.

David is an elite lawyer WITHOUT being an ELITIST.  He believes that all-star elite lawyering should be within the reach of every company to assist companies in doing business more efficiently and minimizing legal risks.

A surgeon doesn't charge by the hour for surgery, but by the surgery. A CEO of a company doesn't charge by the hour for the work he does... Both concentrate on getting the job done well.

' David Page '

A Revolution in Service: Dedicated Service, NOT Hourly Billing

David believes that charging by one-tenth of an hour, the common practice in the legal profession, is a FLAWED way of serving clients.  This is the philosophy that David applies to his own practice.

David explains:

“A surgeon doesn’t charge by the hour for surgery, but by the surgery. 

A CEO of a company doesn’t charge by the hour for the work he does. 

Instead, both concentrate on getting the job done well. 

Hourly billing means that more time is spent looking at the clock and worrying about billing than at honestly and fairly fulfilling clients’ needs in the best way. 

Obviously there has to be some correlation between average effort and the cost of services, but the emphasis should be on getting the job done well.” 

So instead, David began charging monthly fixed legal counsel fees and per-project fees only, with no hourly billing.  He built a personal on-going and growing relationship with clients.  This is the philosophy that underlies InsideOutsideCounsel, your dedicated in-house counsel, as well.

Although we and David started this project in the Start-Up Nation, many of our clients are located abroad as well.  Value is international, and so are David’s clients, located in Europe, the United States, Australia, and beyond.  While frequent personal meetings are not always possible under those circumstances, with today’s ability to teleconference and videoconference, we easily connect to your business with the personal touch you require.

Legal Services We Provide


– Complex business contracts and negotiations (joint ventures, licensing, IP licensing, distribution agreements, agent agreements, non-disclosure agreements, non-competition and non-circumvention agreements);
– IP advice and strategy;
– Advice on legal and regulatory risk strategy
– Visit by the attorney onsite at your company via video or teleconference or in person once a month.
– Telephone availability during workdays within a few hours of contacting us.


Same as basic, but double the time commitment


Same as basic, but quadruple the time commitment

PLUS: Private stock purchase and investment-related agreements and documents


Varies based on your needs (including, for example, patent and trademark filings)


Let's optimize the way you do things today!